Rusty Calico Metal Buffalo Ornament
Rusty Calico Metal Buffalo Ornament Decor

Rusty Calico Metal Buffalo Ornament

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This is a great year-round ornament- perfect for the cowboy Christmas tree or wreath.  These are handmade in the USA , each is unique. One side is more rust than the other so you can create a more complex look in groupings.
These are a bit heaver than most and will do nicely outdoors - really cute for a porch wreath. They will be fine on artificial trees and with live sturdy branches.

We use the term "calico" to highlight the random multi color patterns in the finish which is different than our other rusty metal ornaments which do not have the silverish  patterns.
While the ornaments are similar, they are made by two different artists.

Metal 4.5" x 3"

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