Wolf's Iron Skillet Brake Drum Chicken Recipe

OK to the guy that said he tried to put his 2 cents in as per my previous post but couldn’t find my paypal button, your catching on.

Sometimes, I’m sad to say, I get tired of eating meat every night.  So for an odd day, or if you don’t eat meat on Fridays, or whatever , here’s something else to keep you from starving.

Find a nice big brake drum, like off a big van or a truck. Clean it out well, make sure there’s no aspestos in there. Put it on a couple rocks open end up, and get an old metal oven rack. Like from someone elses oven. Ovens, as you may recall are those things that make good parts driers. And BTW dishwashers can make good partswashers, once u get the hang of it.

Here’s the fun part, put some charcoal in the drum and put some charcoal lighter fluid on it. Don’t use gasoline unless you can get someone else to light it. Then light it. WooHoo!. Now I know you want to put copper wire in the fire the make pretty green flames, but it’s probably bad to eat stuff cooked on copper.  If you have a BBQ, you probably can ignore the above because you hopefully know how to use it.  It’ll be a half an hour or so till the flames die down and the coals ash over.  In the meantime spray some pam or something on the grill and let it sit off the side.

Now last night, or this morning, or even 15 minutes ago (not as good) you got a bunch of  boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and soaked them in some Italian dressing, the regular stuff, not creamy or anything. The big brand chicken isn’t as good. The stuff from the live chicken market if you got one near you is the best.  Hell it has flavor. If you’ve never had it, you owe it to yourself to try some. Ask the Old Italian lady down the block that gives you the evil eye where one is, and stay more than an arm’s length away from her. She didn’t get old by being stupid.

While you’re waiting on them coals take some bell peppers, asparagus, jalapeño peppers, squash, onions, and slice them about 3/8inch thick, or 0.375 inches if you’re a caliper kind of guy, 10mm if you ride rice. Brush them with toasted sesame oil, from the Chinese section of the food store.

Also open up a can of ‘new potatoes’ and cut them into ¾ inch hunks, usually quartered.  You can sprinkle some rosemary on them if you want to get fancy. Then put them on some foil on a cookie sheet, and put them in the oven you set at 350 degrees fifteen minutes ago.

Now put the chicken on the grill. When one side looks edible flip them over. Keep them wet with dressing.  Now put the veggies on the grill, and keep them moving.  When the other side of the chicken looks done , cut a bit into the middle and make sure it isn’t pink, and the juice is clear. Undercooked chicken can do nasty things to you. When the vegetable matter starts to blister, it’s done too.

Stick a fork into the potatoes and see if they’re done. Now U got some good eats, and tell the ex ole ladie to stop bangin at the door. She ain’rt getting none.  Seems the old woman down the block tole her grand daughter (legal) you were cookin , and knew enough to get fresh killed chicken, she been given you the not-so-evil eye.

By the way, there’s a bit of humor and sarcasm in my recipes, if you can’t figure out the difference, then don’t do it. Capice?