Vintage Christmas Recipe Ads

vintage jello Christmas ads
Print advertising can be an interesting way to view the history  American culture.  So many stories are told beneath the glossy colored sales pitch. Our needs, fears and wishes are reflected and sometime shaped by these quiet calls to purchase.

One of the best and most enjoyable examples of this creative chronicling are food advertisements.  It is so easy to follow the changes in our daily concerns from health, to convenience, to luxury and fun as the country itself was changing with advancements in manufacturing and transportation.

And since around we are pretty passionate about Christmas, we will look at this through the Holiday lens.

Here is a fun assortment of Holiday food advertisements many with recipes.   They are listed in order of oldest to newest.  

We also have included a brief timeline highlighting some important dates in the manufacturing growth of the country and the growth of the advertising industry during the late 19th-mid 20th century.