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North Pole Dinner continued

.. The quarters thoroughly cleaned, Sergeants Brainard and Rice took upon themselves the task of elaborately decorating the quarters with such flags and guidons, and other articles as could be used in draping or ornamenting.  I refrained for visiting the men's room, until on Christmas eve I was notified that my presence was desired, and on entering I was greatly delighted with the changed appearance of the general quarters.  The room, low studded and unpainted, had never presented a cheerful aspect, even in our days of sunlight, and during the winter season the accumulation of soot from the soft coal burned in the quarters had given it an air of gloom and darkness, which was largely enhanced through the subtle influence of association by the monotony of the long days passed within it.  The room was now well lighted, and with its elaborate trimmings had a gay  and lively appearance not unlike that presented by army quarters in the far west on like occasions.
I made a few remarks suitable to the festival we were about to celebrate and with reference to our particular situation, apart from and and yet a part of the great civilized world."


Christmas Dinner Fort Conger, Arctic Circle 

Greeley Expedition 1881

Mock Turtle Soup
Potatoes Green             Corn Green           Peas    Asparagus
 Roast Beef         Fricasseed Guillemot    Cider-ducks
Spiced Musk Ox Tongue          Tenderloin of Musk Ox
Crab Salad
Ice Cream     Grapes     Cherries     Pine-apples     Coconut Pie     Plum Pudding, wine sauce
Dates             Figs             Nuts
Candies             Chocolate
Coffee             Eggnogg

"Eggnog was served in moderate quantities, and an extra allowance of rum was also issued in observance of the day.
The candies, plum pudding and cigars were the most appreciated, not only for the satisfaction they afforded the taste, but as being gifts from thoughtful friends.  The cigars came from an army lady who knew the weakness of the rank and file for the consoling weed, and the candies were from a leading confectioner of New York City."