North Pole West FAQ

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If you are in the market for some quick answers to some great questions, you've come to the right place!  We'll do our best to give some brief answers here or direct you to pages with more in depth information. 

Because Cowboy Christmas should always be easy.



Do you have a physical store?
No, From time to time we do a pop-up store in Tucson but there is not one scheduled for 2016. If a search engine gives you an address, it is the mailing address only.

What are your hours?
The website is open 24/7 - The office is open 9-5 Mon- Fri - if we are very busy (Oct-Jan) you may have to leave a message or you can text for a quick answer.

Do you gift wrap?
We do not offer gift wrapping but do try to make each order as pretty as we can with tissue paper - with wreaths & large items that is not possible. If you are sending a gift let us know in the comment box and we will enclose a card.  Our packing slips do not have prices.

When will my Cowboy Christmas decorations ship?
We usually pack within 24 hours of ordering. Less if possible. You will get an email with a tracking number - the box may not been picked up by the carrier at this point. You will see no updated tracking until the carrier scans it at their center. With the exception of Sundays & holidays we ship out every day.  For more details see our shipping page.

Do you ship internationally?
Right now we ship directly to the USA and Canada.  All other locations will need to use a shipping service like Bongo or International Checkout.

I need ideas for a company or charity cowboy Christmas tree. Can you help?
Sure, no problem.  Sometimes you can't entirely fill a tree with ornaments, you need a little filler splash.  Send us an email with some details and we'll put together some ideas for you.

Do you ever have sales?
Sales are announced on our Facebook page and in our North Pole West Cowboy Christmas Express Newsletter - if there is a coupon involved, it will also be on Retail Me Not.  

If I order from you are you going to send me tons of emails?
No way. We only send emails that have to do directly with the order placed or if you sign up for North Pole West Newsletters which come out 4 times a year.  

Are you going to sell my information?
No.  We don't like our information sold so we won't sell, rent or distribute yours. 

Is the North Pole West website secure?
Yes, we are PCI compliant and this year have changed all of our pages over to https - not just the checkout pages.

 I want to use some of your products/pictures on my blog who do I contact?
We work hard to bring fun content to our visitors. Please email or text and let us know what you would like to use and  your site as well so we can return the favor socially. Family friendly only please.


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