Native American Recipes - Fruits & Veggies

Elderberry Wine
5 lbs Elderberries
1 gallon cold water
3.5 lbs granulated sugar
1/2 ounce yeast 6 cloves
1/2 teasp ginger
Wash berries well, cook in a kettle with gallon of water until the fruit is tender then strain off juice into crock.
Add sugar and spices ,stir thoroughly and when
lukewarm, add yeast. Cover crock, store in cool place for ten days then strain and bottle.
Let sit for 6 months.

Sunflower Coffee
Save hulls of sunflower seeds when shelling. Brown hulls in skillet, stirring to prevent burning.
Grind the hulls fine and steep in boiling water for 3 minutes. Allow 2 teaspoons per cup.