DIY Upcycled Cowboy Christmas Collection Shelves

If your Christmas collection includes Cowboy Santas this inexpensive and easy to make holiday shelf might be a creative solution to your display problems plus it's enviro-friendly and  you can custom decorate it for the Holidays and then put it in the garage for use to store your Christmas collection on during the rest of the year. Just box up your pieces stack them on the shelves and cover it all till next season.
What we used to create this project:

Bookcase- We bought a $40.00 bookcase from the 2nd hand shop, it was not beautiful
but plenty good for this project.  The great part is, since you are re-covering the piece, you can use any old shelving as long as it's sturdy.  
Paints - From Home Depot, Rust-oleum Hammered Paint & Primer in One; Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover Primer (grey); Martha Stewart Living Crackle Specialty Finish (sandbar). A few old paintbrushes and rags. Red acrylic craft paint.

Paper - An assortment of colored papers. I was trying to create an "Old West parlor" look so I used a packet of Victorian scrapbook paper from Michael's, It came with several color coordinated patterns and I had plenty left for more projects. Christmas wrapping paper would do well here too or even add a few colorful antique postcards.

Glue- Good old-fashioned Elmer's and a glue stick. For this project, it is easier to pour the Elmer's on a piece of cardboard and apply with a brush. 

Step 1 - Spay interior with the grey primer (this just gives a color contrast) Nothing further was done to the grey.
Step 2  Lightly spray outside with the white.  No need for absolute total coverage.

Step 3
  Brush on Martha Stewart Crackle Finish, let dry.

Step 4   In bowl, water down some of  the red paint a bit so it is not so thick.  Working a section at a time apply with brush over the crackle layer and quickly wipe with rag.

Repeat as needed to create finish that works best for you.  For a more primitive style you can try a light sanding.

Now the fun part.....

Step 5  Play with the paper until you get a pattern you are happy with.  Mix and match.
If you are making a complex pattern, lay it out on the floor (or table) before gluing it to your project so you can make adjustments.
Since our shelves were for store display, I used  red floral stripes to create a sort of Victorian candy cane look. This pattern used big blocks of paper so I was able to put a dab of glue stick on each paper and arrange directly on the shelves for a quick look at the pattern. I instantly saw I had too much red and decided to break it up with a few thin strips of pale blue, making sure to remove all pieces before the glue dried.
When you are sure of the pattern, working a section at a time, brush on the Elmer's glue and apply paper.

Finished project (shown in my workshop). 

 As you can see, Cowboy Santa loved his new home so much he broke out in song.