DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree Skirt

Easy Country Western Tree Base Cover

blue jean cowboy Christmas tree base cover

Those tall skinny trees are great!  They are perfect to highlight a theme or color and work like a charm in tight places, heck, I'll admit to using several in my own home, with the kitchen pepper tree being the favorite.  But let's face it - the black metal stand is not anyone's idea of beauty and trying to hide it with a normal size tree skirt is decoration overkill.

One solution is to blanket-wrap the base with a material that matches your decor, this works fine if you keep it in proportion with the width of the tree. 
Too much fabric and you take the attention away from your ornaments.

Recently at the shop, I found myself having to overcome this decorating dilemma again. I needed a cowboy style base cover and needed it quick.
With no time for shopping or sewing I grabbed my trusty hot glue gun, with which all things are possible, and got to work.


Rope - available at Home Depot
Old pair of jeans (with pocket area large enough to cover base)

Hot glue gun (hgg)

cowboy western diy blue jean Christmas tree base cover


Cut out the pocket area of an old pair of jeans large enough to cover the base, or even a tad larger if you like. Then cut the pocket to create a flap.
Align the pocket on top of stand to measure where to cut a hole for the rod to pass through.  



If it fits the way you want, remove pocket piece and use hgg to apply glue to base, place pocket back on base and let set for a few minutes.
Then, using the mighty hgg once again,add the bandana and rope edging.


Yippie!!! All done!