Dictionary of Western Mountain Man Words

Mountain Man Dictionary

 Lets say, you find yourself alone in the kitchen with a mountain man. He's  rather large, smells bad and wants to make Christmas cookies.  No need for panic! Once again the Poinsettia Avenger is at the rescue with a few mountain man cooking phrases that might be of help.

Special legal disclaimer: If  the aforementioned mountain man says he wants a pint of buffalo cider or he'll burn you fort down, it may indeed, be time for panic.

Appalos- camp food made by skewering alternate pieces of lean meat and fat on a stick and roasting over a low fire when available pieces of potato or vegetable, were added. 


 Boudins- buffalo intestines stuffed with meat (sausages). 

 Buffalo Cider- a liquid found in the stomach of the buffalo.  Used by both mountain men and Indians to quench thirst.