Cowgirl Mint Julep Recipe - the " Wild Rose"

cowgirl mint julip with cowboy boots

This is a wonderful refreshing cowgirl cocktail for a sunny day.
The pretty paper wrapped glass keeps it cool and Honey Jack gives it a kick.

Inspired by the wedding of our own Texas Rose.

Ingredients for cocktail

1 1/2 oz Jack Daniels Honey
1 1/2 oz fresh brewed Moroccan Mint Tea
1 1/2  teaspoon raw sugar
handful of fresh mint
crushed ice

Brew a cup of tea (strong) add sugar & chill
(this is a good time to make the glass if you are doing so)

Reserve a few sprigs of mint for garnish
Crush (not chop) rest of mint
Add crushed mint to bottom of glass
Add crushed ice to 1" from rim
Add Jack

Garnish with mint sprigs

Pretty Rose Glass

2 sheets or more if you wish of 12" x 12" scrapbook  paper
(I got mine at Michael's)
Old Fashioned (stubby) glass
pan for water

Cut strips of paper approx 2" wide with scalloped edges

paper for cowgirl mint julep glass
Soak in water until soft (approx 10 min)

soaking paper for cowgirl julep from North Pole West
Wrap strips around sides of glass, overlapping edges.
 I like to have the first layer with the images facing inward.
Continue adding layers - if you need to soak more paper, just place glass in freezer until paper is soft.
The more layers, the greater the insulation but try not to go up further than half way on the glass so you can will be able to see the pretty mint and crushed ice.

Place glass in freezer until paper is good and frozen.
Glass can be refrozen as it starts to get soft.
cowgirl Mint Julep from North Pole West