Cowboy Lingo Dictionary

When it comes to colorful speech, the cowboy is a master, mixing simple  images from nature with their own brand of slang.  This hybrid language is an American classic and probably one of the reasons the cowboy is so warmly regarded as a true western original.
Part of the fun of this language is learning how to speak it for yourself. 
On this page we have a little of our cowboy dictionary words  the rest of the words are scattered around the website little clusters so that almost anywhere you go you will find more fun cowboy words to entertain you.
In addition to cowboy lingo we are including other classic old west terms that were used by miners, gamblers, outlaws and lawmen.

Ace in the hole: a hideout, a hidden gun
Acorn Calf: a weak runty calf 
Air in Lungs: cussin'
 Badlands: wrinkled arid regions
Base Burner:  a drink of whiskey 

Bean Master:  a camp cook 

Blue Belly: a Yankee 

Buscadero: a gunman
Burn the Breeze: ride full speed
Chips: dried buffalo or cattle droppings (you know what I mean)
Corona: saddle pad

Cowboy Cocktail:
straight whiskey
Cow Bunny: a sweetheart or wife of a ranchman

Desert Canary:  a burro 

Getting  Long in the Tooth:  getting old 
Grubworm:  cook 

Lead Plumb:  a bullet 
Lincoln Skins:  greenbacks 
Lizzy: a saddle horn
Missouri Feather Bed: a cowboys term for a bed made of straw

Mountain Dew:  liquor made in Taos, New Mexico

Off his feed: cowboy expression for someone who looks or feels bad
Oklahoma rain: cowboy way of saying dust storm
Prairie Lawyer: common name for a coyote
Pressing Brick: cowboy term for hanging around town.
Red-Eyed: angry
Saddle Bum:  a drifter
Sachet Kitten: skunk
Talk Turkey: mean business,be serious
Town with the hair on: a cowboy expression for a tough town
Trying to find the long end of a square quilt: sheepherding

Webfoot: a cowboys name for a man from Oregon
Wooshers: hogs