Cowboy Lingo Dictionary - Page 6

Page 6 of our wild west word dictionary starts off with "uncorkin a bronc"  and concludes, at least for now, with a "yannigan bag", I wonder if I can one to match my war bonnet?


Uncorkin' a Bronc:  breaking a horse

Unsalted - inexperienced

Unshucked:   draw a gun

Up a Tree, Treed – In a difficult situation



Valley Tan: Morman whiskey

Vaquero – cowboy in Spanish

Velvet Couch - cowboy's bedroll



Waddie – cowboy,a hired man

Wake Snakes - raise a ruckus ,cause a fuss

War Bonnet:  a hat

War bag – bag where cowboys stored their possessions

Wasp Nest-  light bread

Webfoot -  a cowboys name for a man from Oregon

Wheel-Horse – close friend

Whistle Berries:  beans

Wooshers-  hogs





Yack - A stupid person.

Yannigan Bag – see “war bag”


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