Cowboy Lingo Dictionary - Page 4

Cowboy fine and fancy western words dictionary page 4 starts with "mail order cowboy" and ends up with "puttin on a nose bag". I think that first option better.



Mail-Order Cowboy:  a tenderfoot

Make a Mash – impress someone

Manty – the tarp or waterproof cover that goes over a packed packsaddle

Mashed - in love.

Mexican Strawberries:  dried beans

Milestonemonger - Some who likes to roam

Mizzle - to run away

Monkey Ward Cowboy:  a tenderfoot

Mountain Oysters - fried or roasted calves' testicles (Rocky Mt. Oysters)

Mule's Breakfast:  a straw bed

Mysteries – sausages ( no one really knew what they were made of)



Nailed to the Counter – proven false

Nanny – prositiute

Neck Oil:  whiskey

Necktie Social – a hanging

Nigh Unto - almost

Nobby – stylish

Nose Parker – a nosey person

Nose Paint – whiskey



Odd Fish – someone who is eccentric

Off One’s Feed – no appetite

Old Scratch – the devil

One Horse – small or inferior

On the Dodge – hiding out

Outfit – ranch

Over Head and Ears – overwhelmed

Overland Trout - bacon

Owl  Headed – a horse that keeps looking around



Paintin' his Nose:  getting drunk

Pair of Overalls:  two drinks of whiskey

Play a Lone Hand:  do something alone

Pop Skull:  whiskey

Porch Percher Stringing:  a town loafer

Pot Rustler:  cook

Prairie Dew:  whiskey

Prairie Tenor:  coyote

Puddin' Foot:  an awkward horse

Put on the Nose Bag:  to eat

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