Cowboy Lingo Dictionary - Page 3

Page 3 of our gripping series "Learnin Old West Words" begins with an Idaho brain storm and ends with a lynching bee.  So forget the leg bail, this sounds like a fun wild western page.

Idaho Brain Storm – dust storm

Illy - ill, sick

Indian broke – horse trained to be mounted from the right side. Cowboys mounted from the left side.

In Liquor - drunk

Iron Horse -  railroad train




Jackeroo – buckaroo or cowboy

Jag - A small load.

Jawing - talking. "we stood there just jawing."

Jerked Meat -fresh meat dried in the open air without salt

Jingled – Drunk

Jimmying a bull - shooting a law officer

Jingle bobs – jingling pieces of metal that hang from the spurs and make a sound while walking or riding.

John Barleycorn - Beer

Jollification - A scene of festivity or merriment. Used only in familiar language.

Joy Juice - Whiskey.

Jump the Broom - Get married.

Juniper - derogatory term for an easterner or an inexperienced cowhand.



Kansas Sheep Dip –Whiskey

Kedge – in good health

Keep That Dry – keep a secret

Kick – to complain

Kick Up a Row – create a disturbance

Knobs – spurs

Knock Galley West - beat senseless



Lammy – a blanket.

Landed - a person who has enough money to keep him for the rest of his life

Lapper – hard drinker

Lathy - slender

Lead Plumb:  a bullet

Left Handed Wife – mistress

Leg Bail- run away

Light On – come on by chance, to happen to find.

Lincoln Skins:  greenbacks

Lizzy: a saddle horn

Lookin'at the mule's tail:  plowing

Lookin' for a dog to kick: expression of disgust

Look to See:  investigate

Lynching Bee:  a hanging

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