Cowboy Lingo Dictionary - Page 2

The cowboy lingo dictionary page 2 begins with eatin' irons and ends with hurricane deck so hold on to your gelding snapper for more fun.



Eatin' Irons:  knives, forks, spoons

Equalizer:  a pistol

Eventuate - To issue, come to an end, close, terminate

Excuse me  ma'am:  a bump in the road



Fandango:  a dance

Fan Tail: wild horse

Feather-headed: light-headed

Fiddle: a horses head

Fill a Blanket:  roll a cigarette

Fine as cream gravy - very good

Fish or Cut Bait - do something or quit talking about it.

Flannelmouth: a talkative person

Flea Trap:  bedroll

Fluff-Duff: anything fancy

Fob Off - to trick someone

French Leave -  to run away

Funkify – To scare or frighten




Gallnipper - A large mosquito

Galvanized Yankees  -  Former Confederate soldiers who served in the U.S. Army in the West following the Civil War.

Gambler's Ghost:  a white mule

Gelding Smacker:  a saddle

Get a Wiggle On - Hurry.

Getting  Long in the Tooth:  getting old

Gone Coon - goner, past recovering, a lost man.

Goney - A stupid fellow

Grubworm:  cook






Hair in the Butter:  a delicate situation

Hang Fire - delay.

Happifying - making happy.

Hellabaloo – commotion, noise, confusion

Hen Skins - a cowboy's bedroll

Hern – hers

Hindsite First – backwards

Ho - word used by teamsters to stop their teams – not to be confused with Ho Ho Ho(a Santa favorite meaning “I see cookies”)

Honda or Hondo  – the sliding loop knot in a lasso

Honey-fuggled – cheat or put one over on someone

Hook - to steal

Hooter - little bit or a tiny amount

Hornswoggle - cheat or trick, to pull the wool over one's eyes.

Horse Feathers – silly

Hot Rock:  a biscuit

Hull – saddle

Hurricane deck – the saddle of a bucking horse.


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