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Vintage cowgirl with camera by Christmas trees for photo inspiration from North Pole West

Western Holiday Decor Ideas

Sometimes it can be a challenging to try and put a western Christmas theme together from pages and pages of individual item listings from many different categories.

Cowboy? Western?Southwestern? Cowgirl? Where to begin?

Not everyone needs or wants a specific western style.  "Western" is a fun, broad theme allowing you to mix together anything from Victorian to shabby chic but sometimes folks like to focus  on a specific area of western, maybe to reflect home or office decor or to highlight a collection or special event.To make Holiday life a bit easier  (and who doesn't want that) I have assembled here several groupings of to show how some of  our ornaments from different categories, work together to reflect a certain styles. For instance, our horse category has many ornaments that would work nicely on a cowboy tree.  I have even included some ideas that can be used as year-round home decor because really, who wants western just once a year? Also included are links to the items and I will note any important size information.  
This page will be updated from time to time as new inventory arrives.





photo of cowboy boot Christmas stocking with chili pepper design and cowboy boot and Merry Christmas y'all ornament create a country western look

Normally you would think that chilis belong just in the southwestern category but this stocking has a wonderful burlap center which lets it mosey on over to the country look as well.

When you pair it up with the wood ornaments you get a great warm look.   We also have some wired burlap ribbon that can be tucked into tree, wreath or garland.

The items here were photographed together so the size relationship is correct. The boot ornament is 6".  Cowboy Boot Stocking    Y'all Ornament     Wood Cowboy Boot




photo of cowboy country western horseshoe wreath,western star,turquoise cowboy boots and spur cowboy Christmas ornaments.For that Old West look, brown is your go-to color.  You can do so much around that simple chocolate background.  Here I have taken our horseshoe wreath and combined it with a deep red star which has a horseshoe center & a crackle finish which helps us out with our old west look.  There are also 2 sets of spur ornaments and  2 rustic turquoise  color cowboy boot ornaments. In this case I would keep the star and spurs on the wreath and keep the boots nearby in tree or garland maybe. These items were photographed together so they are in correct relation in size.  The Wreath is 22".
Horseshoe Wreath   Spurs   Star  Boots

cowboy child vintage style western Christmas ornaments. Cowboy with stick pony, cowboy with lasso and chaps,cowboy dog and saddle-up sign.For this vintage little cowboy look the focus is on bright happy colors and a sense of imagination gone cute. I thought of Opey Taylor  and the rest was easy.
The cowboy dog gives a bit of humor and the sign adds a touch of personality and a different shape so everything not a figurine ornament.
 I would add a healthy dash of bandana ribbon to this look and enlist the aid of any small teddy bear that seems to need a job - give em' a cowboy hat and tuck him in your tree (the bandana ribbon makes a cute pint size scarf for him too). 
These items were not photographed together so this picture does not show true size relation, check with each listing for dimensions.
Saddle-Up   Cowboy Dog   Cowboy & Stick Pony   Cowboy 


southwestern cowboy Christmas ornaments. Concho, cowboy boot and cow skull Southwestern style can be diverse.  There is the easy casual elegance of turquoise and silver or the magical earthy warmth of the Painted Desert colors and of course, the firey reds, reflective of the southwest's most famous resident, the chili pepper.    
Here we have a bit of a blend.  The belt buckle ornaments are both cowboy and southwestern, as is the warm colored boot - the skull is very old west and the concho works well in both southwestern and Native American. 
These ornaments were photographed together - the boot is 4" tall.  
Concho-round   Cowboy Boot   Concho-cross   Skull   Concho -oval                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Fun with Cowboy Christmas
Group ornaments together on the tree to create interest but don't stop there, ornaments also make fun tabletop displays too.  Let your imagination play.


                                            cowboy and cowgirl Christmas country western ornaments by mini Christmas tree cowboy birds by mini western Christmas tree large cowboy Christmas tree in background              dog ornament dressed up like cowboy sitting next to mini western Christmas tree and mini wooden doll furniture              wooden box with cowboy country western Christmas decorations: bandana ribbon,cowboy nutcracker birds and snaowman                                                                                                                           Continued to Page 2