Cowboy Christmas Ornament Photo Gallery

Cowgirl with camera from North Pole West cowboy Christmas store

Here at North Pole West we have fun taking  pictures of ornaments, so much so that we run out of room for them all.  Christmas ornaments, small that they be, make excellent models. Take a few off the tree this year and try placing them in a more comical setting or group similar ones for a Christmas still life.  
Here are some we have taken over the years.  These are in no particular order. 

Born pumpkin, picked Cowboy - pumpkin wearing cowboy boot ornaments from North Pole West


Cowboy dog sheriff ornament relaxes by his own cowboy Christmas tree

Cute cowboy & cowgirl western  ornaments pick out a Christmas tree.

Western cowboy Christmas howdy - North Pole West

Cowboy and cowgirl Christmas ornaments take a vacation in the mountains -North Pole West


Cowboy birds around a bandana Christmas tree - North Pole West
Country music ornaments

 Western horse ornament wanders through desert

Gecko Christmas ornaments play on rock

Cowboy Santa ornament in front of cantina