Cowboy Christmas History

Old "Never-a-Quitter" Custer is pictured here, in what has come to be known as one of his most ill-fated attempts at fame.
 Much to his credit he kept on smiling long after it became apparent the Department Store Custer was not going to catch on as a Holiday favorite.  
But that wouldn't stop Ol Santa Custer- he got right back  up in the saddle and started work on his next Holiday project, the "Custy's Thanksgiving Day Parade", and  shooting has begun on his new movie "Miracle at Little Big Horn Avenue & 34th Street" starring Hillary Clinton, Theodore Roosevelt and a very young Natalie Wood. Now, that's sure to be a classic the whole family can enjoy.

Christmas Letters
Christmas Cheer from Libby Custer
Letter, Aunt Mabel to Alex Graham Bell, Denver
Letter, from Capt. Jesse Grove
Letter, Lt. Fayette Roe, Fort Lyon,CO
Letter, Nettie Baily, Nebraska 1886                            

Christmas Reflections                                                                                      
Christmas,Oregon 1855
Christmas,Salida,Colorado 1806                                                           
From Brooklyn to California                                                           
Early California Christmas                                               
Miner's Catch Dinner, Sonoma 1864  


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