Beef and Taters and Motorcycle Parts Recipe

Ok, the ole ladie split, probably something to do with the partially dissembled motor on the cocktail table. You’ve eaten so much fast food you are about to drip like a ‘54 panhead.  You tried calling the ole ladie’s sister, but she won’t feed ya.  So what you  gonna do.  Remember that thing you been using to bake the paint on your small parts? Well, it actually can have another purpose.

Take the parts out and turn the knob to 350.  Look under the sink, and to the left and right cabinets under the sink and see if she left some potatoes ( they look like the things they made u peal in the army, or jail). Dig up some aluminum foil (that shiny sheet stuff for polishing chrome safely). Check that the paint drier is warm, if not; did u pay the gas bill? Is the pilot lit?
Now take them ‘taters (now don’t get caught doing this or you’ll get your road name changed from “Bear” to “tater”) and put some salt, fresh ground pepper, parsley, onion and garlic powder, and butter on them. Poke a couple holes in them with a fork, and wrap with foil and put in the paint drier (oven, if you’ve done this before). Leave them there an hour before you put the meat in, take them out when the meat is done. You should be able to easily stick a fork all the way in when done, it's hard to f'up cooking taters.
Take any kind of about 3 pound hunk of beef that says ‘roast’ on it, that you’ve been letting sit in Whostchester sauce (leigh and perrins is best) for an hour or a day or so, cut some of the fat off, and roll in a plate of flour.
Dig up a six inch all cast iron pot (no plastic handles, capiche? And if you been using it to boil carburetor parts in carb cleaner, clean it out real good first)) put some butter and the fat in the upside down lid and heat real hot. Roll the roast around in it until seared brown on all sides. Put some fat and butter in the pot, put the roast in the pot and cover and stick in the oven. Your stomach should be growling by now.  Let it be for about 45 minutes, give or take depending on weather you like it more or less done. Every 10 to 15 minutes take it out with your welding gloves and flip the cover and dump some of the juice and roast in it. Put the roast back in in a different position and dump the juice over it.
When there’s 10 minutes to go get some, maybe a pound, of spinach.  Don’t wince. Your mom was a saint and she told you to eat your freakin vegetables. Besides they good like this. Dig up a10 or 12 inch pan and warm it up medium and put a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of butter (replenish as needed)in it. When hot  put some chopped garlic or chopped onion in it, fresh is best, dried is OK. Thep put hald the spinach in it and keep it moving. When it shrinks a bit and wilts, it’s done. Take it out and do the rest.
NOW try the ole ladie’s sister, bet she’ll come over. Heck, even the ole ladie might start sniffin around too.
Slice the roast thin, cut the taters in half and put butter and scallions in them. Use the leftover roast sliced thin with mozzarella (or cheddar is ur from WI) on garlic bread and take for lunch. If there’s any left over after that, like a pound, we can make some kick butt chili with it.


The Wolf of Wolf's Iron Horse West...

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