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Western Party Decor

Western Party Decor

cowboy cook by chuckwagon holds red bandana placemat and table runner western party decorations from North Pole West cowboy Christmas store

Planning a western themed party?
Our new red bandana pattern placemats and table runners will help set the stage for your Yee Haw country western event.
Adorable for :
Western Weddings
Company Picnics
Birthday Parties
Holiday Gatherings
School Party

red bandana placemat and table runner for country western partiesAnd don't forget to add the ribbon for that extra splash of western color- plus, they are so much fun to decorate with!

We have several styles of bandana ribbon, frayed denim, country checkered and even a dressy burlap ribbon. 
You can find these, as well as other fun western decor in our new Home Decor section.

And if you need some real western recipes, just mosey on over to our Chuckwagon and grab a handful.cowboy country western bandana ribbon, denim ribbon and red checkered ribbonred bandana print table runner for cowboy country western parties and weddings

Party On! 

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Cowboy Christmas Ornament Super Sale Update

Cowboy Christmas Ornament Super Sale Update


Cowgirl holds sign for cowboy country western Christmas ornament sale

Just a quick update to let you know we have added items to our Cowboy Country Western Ornament Super Sale. We are busy clearing the shelves, hooks and pegs for the 2017 inventory. 

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Christmas Hours 2016

Christmas Hours 2016

country western cowboy Christmas reindeer


North Pole west will be on Christmas break 12 noon Friday December the 23rd returning Tuesday the 27th. 
We wish all of You a Joyous Christmas. 


Shipping -
We have chosen to remove the Express shipping options from our shopping cart from 12/21/16 until after Christmas as we are not 100% confident that even with Express, an order placed beyond this point, will arrive before Christmas .

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Cowboy Christmas Ornaments & Decorations Super Sale plus Christmas Shipping Update

Cowboy Christmas Ornaments & Decorations Super Sale plus Christmas Shipping Update

cowgirl with white cowboy hat holds Sale sign for North Pole West Cowboy Christmas StoreJust a quick post to let you know our pre-inventory  Super Sale is now going on.
 Look for great deals - some ornaments under $1.00.  The items in the sale section will change - so check back often.

Also, these are the Christmas deliver by dates for USPS - 

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Reminder for Returning North Pole West Guests

Reminder for Returning North Pole West Guests

Cowboy and cowgirl read important message from North Pole WestTo all our returning guests.  
Welcome back!  And thank You for visiting again.


This is just a quick reminder that we changed our shopping cart host company in the spring of 2016.

If you signed up for an account with us on the old site you will have to create a new account, should you wish one. This is optional.

As a security measure were not able to transfer any of the past customer information including wish lists.  We are sorry for any confusion this may cause with your Holiday shopping but we take online safety seriously.



Great and Happy Thanksgiving wish to You & Yours!

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The Great DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree Project - Completed

The Great DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree Project - Completed

cowboy Christmas tree diy project Merry Christmas Ya'll  & cowboy boot ornaments
We're all done!  We made the garlands, icicles and a tree skirt.  Our decorations they are unique and surely, Yee Haw western plus the tree is decorated and it's not even Thanksgiving yet-  ok, it's pretty close- like tomorrow. Yikes!
One of the great things about using the slender tree as a specialty tree is you really get a lot of splash for the effort you put in so if you're short on time this might be an option to consider.  

cowgirl craft image from North Pole West

On to decorating

Since the skirt and lights were already on the next thing I did was drape the garland - it sets the flow of the tree and it is a bit heavy for the tips so I'll have it peek out from behind the ornaments. The back of my tree is not seen so I did not waste any of our pretty garland on it but rather kept the garland close to the front.  
A brief interlude about garland - Many "experts" steadfastly pronounce that the garland goes on first, right after the lights.   I say pish posh!  Each tree is different.  If you are using a lot of ribbon garland that will be tucked into many branches then yes, do it first.  If the garland is going to hang from the outer branch tips, like a Victorian beaded garland, wait until you have decorated with ornaments (do this carefully) - then put icicles on last.  

Because I did not want to over-light the tree I added glass ball ornaments in the back and towards the center bark, to reflect the light we did have.  I did not use too many of these either - I needed to photograph the tree and they are not the main attraction here.
Then I moved on to the star ornaments because they would be tucked in the branches the cowboy boot and ya'll ornaments which are closer to the tips so they can be seen, the same is true for the icicles. Last but not least the star.

And that's all there is to it. All done.  It's eggnog time because...It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  YEE HAW!!!
DIY Cowboy Christmas tree project from North Pole West
DIY Cowboy Christmas tree project from North Pole West
P.S. The star, large boot and wagon are on the North Pole West website.
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The Great DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree Project - Blue Jean Tree Skirt

The Great DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree Project - Blue Jean Tree Skirt

Diy cowboy country western Christmas tree skirt craft project

Here we are, almost done with our Cowboy Christmas tree. Now wasn't that quick?
This week we do the tree skirt and then all that's left is the fun part.  Decorating!

North Pole West cowgirl for the diy cowboy Christmas tree project





As was the case with our other projects, this one is really beautifully simple, straightforward and inspired by Christmas in the old West.



Please keep these things in mind: I am designing based on a 6' slender accent tree with a square metal base so you may have to adjust for your own tree size and this is not intended to be a family heirloom - I am going to take mine apart after this season - if you want yours to last for years, intact, you may have to  I hear they have machines for that now but doodle it!  I have a glue gun and I'm not ashamed to use it.


We are going to make use of some leftovers we might have laying around.

In other projects we have used bandana ribbon, blue jeans and rope. You will be needing all three.

I used:

Leg portions of Honey Bunny's jeans (flair leg or boot cut)
15" bandana ribbon
3 sizes of rope - I got them at Home Depot ( the only place I found to have all sizes) I used 5' of 3/4" 15' 1/2"  10' 1/4"
and of course our trusty glue gun.

rope sizes for cowboy Christmas tree skirt


To make life easy, I worked with my tree on the base and on a table - if you can do this you will be much happier.  Second best, work on the base with it on a table. Darn tricky, work with tree on base on floor.

If your rope has been coiled for a while, stretch it out with weights for a day.


For starters we need to build a cone-like framework for the skirt.  I happen to have tons of boxes so i chose to use them and because I have my tree on the base.  You may find it easier to to make a cone from poster-board or tomato cage depending on the size you need and where you are working (table vs floor).

Cut jean legs open along one seam (if you used these jeans for the icicles this is already done).


 Loosely lay both jean portions on your frame (about where they will be) starting with the widest parts on the bottom. Give yourself an extra 2-2.5" for overhang and cut off excess.  Cuff the 2" over the front side and tack edges down with a few blots of hot glue - do not use a long bead of glue on the entire edge - we need this to be able to scrunch.

Feed rope through cuffs connecting them to each other. Use enough rope to be able to tie around the tree trunk. 

 Now tie your jeans to the tree.  I tied mine in the back.

Fuss with the seams and edges until you are happy with the way they lay then tack them in place with glue.
Since I am not concerned with the beauty of the  metal base I put a blob of glue on each corner and tack the skirt down so it has a nice cone-like shape (you may not need to do this).

Then starting in the back, rim the edge with the widest rope - use any leftover to close the back seam if it will show (tack in place with glue.  Tie a band of bandana ribbon along the top  and have fun!  Let your imagination go wild with rope. I tucked my beginning ends into the top of the skirt to give the appearance that there is more inside. 
Use glue as needed to keep the shapes you create. I used the 1/2" rope for this.

Because my tree is wide in places and has kind of a wild unstructured  look,  I wanted a bit more skirt width without more material. I used the thinner rope to continue the fun rope theme beyond the edges of the skirt to do this.

cowboy country western Christmas tree skirt

And there you have it! All done.

Next post we see a decorated tree.

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The Great DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree Project - Cowboy Icicles

The Great DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree Project - Cowboy Icicles

Denim DIY cowboy Christmas tree icicle

In the first installment of the Great DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree Project we made bandana garland which helps give our tree a sense of flow or motion horizontally. This week it seems the logical choice to add a bit of vertical interest as well.

Enter the beloved icicle, a Christmas tree branch tip tradition for centuries, only time we give it a cute western twist. 

As always, this is a quick and easy craft which will have you back to sipping eggnogg in no time.

If you'll remember we are working with a bandana & denim theme to construct some basic western decorations for our cowboy tree. This is a rather plain ornament, no glitz or glamour but it's supposed to be that way.  We wouldn't want icicles to take attention away from the ornaments.


Things you will need:
A pair of old jeans
Craft wire
Silver beads
Small silver bells (optional).

(I am making 10 of these for the project tree)


I used pair of Honey Bunny's old jeans for this project. It's ok, I asked him tomorrow and he was thrilled.

We will be using the seams that have the stitching.  I cut out a 10" section keeping the seams in tact.

The I cut 15" of wire and fished that into the section.  Try to keep it as straight as possible because if the wire starts to bend it will be harder to get it all the way to the end.

Push it through until you have equal amounts of tail wire on both ends.
Take one tail and insert the end back into the seam creating the hang loop.  These icicles are not very heavy so you should not need to secure this. 

Cut another piece of wire approx 4-5" and fish approx 2" of that into the seam section as before and wrap the remaining wire around the top so you have a more tapered tip.
Pinch your loop so it is thin enough for your bead to pass over and then expand your loop again.

Snip the end of the wire  and squeeze with needle nose pliers if there is any wire sticking out.

The gently twirl the icicle freehand or around a pencil to get the desired twirl effect.  Leave the remaining tail wire be and  cut another piece of wire and cap off the bottom as you did the top. 

Thread 2 or 3 beads on the tail wire (I did 2 and a mini bell) then bend the end of the wire so the beads stay on. 

        That's it - Yee Haw! All done!  I love the way the lighter side of the seam gives this a slightly lacy icy look.
Now we have western garland and icicles.  It's eggnogg time.
DIY cowboy Christmas bandana garland and denim western icicle


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The Great DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree Project - Bandana Buckaroo Garland

The Great DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree Project - Bandana Buckaroo Garland

Welcome to our first post in the DIY series  "I Have a Glue Gun & I'm Not Afraid to Use It" .
In this and the upcoming posts we will be constructing some basic cowboy Christmas tree decorations which will set the tone for a western themed accent tree. By the last post we will have this tree fully decorated and be well proud of ourselves for not only having a great tree but for getting it all done without having to say "next year I'll start earlier".  We are doing this together as we go, so even I do not know what the completed tree will look like.

No special skills required, no need to fret, as always, we keep it nice and easy but usually, messy yessy. 

For this project I will be decorating a pre-lit 6' slim Dakota Pine. I like the style for western (and country) because it is very open, letting us show off our pretty baubles which might get lost in a larger, denser tree, plus the twig and pine cone accents lend an overall look that's a bit more wild and untamed.
 I set it up in a nook in my house for inspiration. Honey Bunny was not thrilled about a Christmas tree in October but I have a glue gun and I'm not afraid to use it.

What do I mean by "basic theme" decorations?
Glad you asked!
In this project these decorations will set the general tone theme of the tree. Think of them as the backdrop for a play which lets you know where you are and sets an overall mood. Your specialty ornaments are like the actors who take front stage and let you know why you are there and engage your imagination. 

The basics we will create are:  ball ornaments, icicles, pics, tree skirt and garland.  The color scheme - red bandana & denim.

We will start with the garland. It makes a bold dramatic statement and we'll feel like glue gun goddesses when we're done.  BTW this garland has tons of decor uses. Remember our motto.'s not just for Christmas anymore.

DIY Western Cowboy bandana Christmas tree garland from North Pole West

The specialty ornaments I am building this around are our new wooden ornaments, dangle spurs and the red tin stars because they are all fairly light, well priced and I have to say, I feel in love with them. Your "special" ornaments can and probably will differ.  Actually, you can use only the DIY decorations we make and have a mighty fine tree but make more than I do so you have a nice full effect.
We will also be using generic glass satin finish balls to brighten things up a bit but we'll get to that another time.

This picture highlights the look of the garland, it is not the completed tree. 

Items needed for (1) 9' strand of garland are:

Hot glue gun
Tacky or Fabric glue 
1 spoon 4" wired bandana ribbon (there will be leftover)
9' of 1" rope
Spool of thin craft style twine rope (Walmart)

 I am making 2 for my tree.  I may not end up using both for the tree but for sure I'll use the extra in a wreath.


** Hints- if you have time, let the rope hang with a weight for a few days to straighten out if it was tightly coiled.

** After cutting all your pieces, lay them out and eyeball the situation.  Neither the ribbon or the rope are perfectly flat so some adjustments may have to be improvised to get the desired result.

Cut a 8.5' section of ribbon then cut it again lengthwise down the middle so you end up with (2) 2" wide 8.5" strands of ribbon.

 Smaller sections are easier to work with  so cut the ribbon again into lengths of  approx. 25" per. 

Tacking rope in place...

Lay out the first section of ribbon print side down and put a blob of hot glue on the center (approx) of one end then lay the rope on top of glue making sure to  leave  4" of overhang (this will make the frayed tail later) hold in place until it dries.  Continue tacking the rope in place along the length of the section with hot glue blobs, about 4 or 5 should do.  

Then squeeze several lines of the tacky glue the length of that section.  Don't use too much or you'll have a goopey slow drying garland mess.  

Fold the side of the ribbon that is not wired inward onto the rope then fold the wired side over that which will leave us a more finished edge.  Squeeze the rope and ribbon together, we want to really distribute the glue.  Give another blob of hot glue to quick tack the end.  Let set 5 minutes. Don't be alarmed if you see popping up edges, we will deal with them later.  
Move on to the next section and do the same process until you have covered the rope, once again leaving a  4" uncovered end.  You can leave gaps between sections if need be because they will be covered by our twine joints.

Now starting on the end where we began, where the ribbon meets the tail, take 5" of twine, tie a knot,  squirt with hot glue to tack in place then continue winding the twine to create a pretty rope cap end to where the ribbon leaves off and the tail begins. give a little blob of hot glue to finish.  

Repeat this process wherever the ribbon sections meet and make as thick or thin a twine joint as you desire.  This not only hides the gaps but adds some flexibility and interest to the garland.

After all this fussing you will notice some edges of the ribbon edges popping open.  No worry.  Give some more squeezes and let set about 10 minutes.  If there are still edges you don't like add hot glue blobs to tack where needed.

Once again working in sections: start at the end where we began, tie a knot of twine without cutting the twine from the spool.  Give it a few twirls around that section ending at the next joint.  Cut the twine, tie it off, give a hot glue blob and move on.  This gives the garland a bit more structure.

After that is done , go back and add some hot glue tacks a bit here and there along the twine swirls just to hold them better in place.  Unfurl the 4" tips we left on each end and guess what?  We're done!  

It's eggnogg time.

cowboy country western bandana garland with dangle spurs,cowboy boot, red star and ya'll ball ornaments


The rope I used came from Home Depot the craft twine and glue came from Michael's.


Links to ornaments:

Tin Star

Red Boot

Merry Christmas Ya'll 


If you would like to repost this or any of our content please credit North Pole West and let us know so we can return the favor.  Family friendly only please.

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Size Matters - Cowboy Boot Stocking & Ornament Sizes

Size Matters -  Cowboy Boot Stocking & Ornament Sizes

Cowgirl with yardstick measures cowboy Christmas decorations for North Pole West This year we are seeing the introduction of a wonderful selection of larger sized western ornaments thankfully filling a hole in cowboy Christmas tree decorating

It used to be that in order to get a bold western look on a tree or wreath, you either had to really pile on the rope which could make a tree heavy to the point of sagging or pile on the bandana, which although bright and western, can overpower a wonderful ornament collection.

 If you love to have a tree filled with individual special ornaments or theme collections, such as western,  then it is important to have balance  to create interest and depth (more on this in a later blog).

 I am pleased to announce, we are now, well balanced (not totally, I just enjoyed saying that).



With the introduction of more larger sized ornaments on our website we felt there might be a bit of confusion in listing titles so I thought I'd take a brief blog post to address ornament sizes and while we're at it, take a gander at our stockings since that may be another area in which size matters.

 Cowboy boot,spurs,wagon wheel,hat & horse Christmas ornaments - North Pole West

 Normal ornament size is where the longest measurement is 3 to 4 inches (width or height) - that would be the horse & skull in star on the bottom left.  

Small or mini ornaments are 1.5"-2.75"  our listing will always note it is "small" - see the cowboy boot & two hats, lower right.

Large - anything over 4" but we will really only label it "large" if it is 5"+ such as boot, wheel and spurs on top  (the cowboy boot  is 6").

Six country western cowboy boot stockings in various colora - North Pole West

In order to illustrate the range of stocking sizes relative to each other I am showing six of our styles photographed against 15.5" tile.  Please remember two things here - stockings hang at an angle and this photo was not shot for color but size.

We strive to bring you the best selection in cowboy boot stockings we can, therefore we deal with may companies each with its own styles, so sizes vary. Some stockings have a true mate. That will be noted in the listing. 

After over 15 years in this business I can say that most people buy stockings that reflect the personality of the stocking owner rather than what matches the other stockings around it.  

Please take a moment and read the details on any stocking or ornament as the category pages do not give a good size comparison - those images adjust to fit screen size.

As Always,

Happy Trails to Christmas

Spike, Outlaw Elf



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