The Great DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree Project - Completed

cowboy Christmas tree diy project Merry Christmas Ya'll  & cowboy boot ornaments
We're all done!  We made the garlands, icicles and a tree skirt.  Our decorations they are unique and surely, Yee Haw western plus the tree is decorated and it's not even Thanksgiving yet-  ok, it's pretty close- like tomorrow. Yikes!
One of the great things about using the slender tree as a specialty tree is you really get a lot of splash for the effort you put in so if you're short on time this might be an option to consider.  

cowgirl craft image from North Pole West

On to decorating

Since the skirt and lights were already on the next thing I did was drape the garland - it sets the flow of the tree and it is a bit heavy for the tips so I'll have it peek out from behind the ornaments. The back of my tree is not seen so I did not waste any of our pretty garland on it but rather kept the garland close to the front.  
A brief interlude about garland - Many "experts" steadfastly pronounce that the garland goes on first, right after the lights.   I say pish posh!  Each tree is different.  If you are using a lot of ribbon garland that will be tucked into many branches then yes, do it first.  If the garland is going to hang from the outer branch tips, like a Victorian beaded garland, wait until you have decorated with ornaments (do this carefully) - then put icicles on last.  

Because I did not want to over-light the tree I added glass ball ornaments in the back and towards the center bark, to reflect the light we did have.  I did not use too many of these either - I needed to photograph the tree and they are not the main attraction here.
Then I moved on to the star ornaments because they would be tucked in the branches the cowboy boot and ya'll ornaments which are closer to the tips so they can be seen, the same is true for the icicles. Last but not least the star.

And that's all there is to it. All done.  It's eggnog time because...It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  YEE HAW!!!
DIY Cowboy Christmas tree project from North Pole West
DIY Cowboy Christmas tree project from North Pole West
P.S. The star, large boot and wagon are on the North Pole West website.

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