New Western Ribbons & DIY Country Western Christmas Tree Base Cover

diy google john wayne ribbon tree

cowgirl western diy craft image

Yee Haw! It's craft time again. 

In this post we will be highlighting our diy blue jean Christmas tree base cover and...

I am thrilled to announce we have 2 new country western ribbons to add to our inventory. These really put on a  bold western show since they are a 4" width( the average is 2.5"). 

Another new arrival good for crafts is our handmade leather saddle.  This would be adorable addition to any western craft project but might also be a great accent to a western doll project.

Also a great Google tip for fonts.

I also want  to let everyone who has been waiting on our John Wayne stockings know that we have shipment confirmation - they are on the way to us and should arrive next week. All pre-orders will ship ASAP.

Two new ribbons both are wired and 4" x 10 yards and at an awesome price of 12.99 per roll.

The checkered ribbon is textured on one side and smooth on the other- really nice contrast.
Checkered Ribbon

The bandana ribbon has the pattern on one side only and is bright and vivid - nothing says western quite like red bandana.
Bandana Ribbon

Please note - I am not suggesting by this photo that these two be paired together - I am, however suggesting I was too lazy to take two pictures.


DIY Jean Pocket Tree Base Cover

This is a super easy way to transform the ugly metal Christmas tree base into a fun western decorator item.
Really, this takes 15 minutes and is really adorable for tabletop trees too.
 We originally had this on our old site but when we moved people who had bookmarked it lost their link folks seemed to really like this so we decided to repost.


Google Tip O' the Cowboy Hat 
I have to admit I'm in love with fonts. I have more fonts then words to use them on.   When I happened onto Google Fonts I was lost for an hour and I still go back to see if anything new has been added. Ok...I'm a font addict, but if you do a lot of print newsletters or class projects or scrapbooking you'll love this feature too

Almost 800 free fun fonts from Google just find the ones you like and then download. You will find them available in your programs that use fonts. It's that easy.


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