The Great DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree Project - Blue Jean Tree Skirt

Diy cowboy country western Christmas tree skirt craft project

Here we are, almost done with our Cowboy Christmas tree. Now wasn't that quick?
This week we do the tree skirt and then all that's left is the fun part.  Decorating!

North Pole West cowgirl for the diy cowboy Christmas tree project





As was the case with our other projects, this one is really beautifully simple, straightforward and inspired by Christmas in the old West.



Please keep these things in mind: I am designing based on a 6' slender accent tree with a square metal base so you may have to adjust for your own tree size and this is not intended to be a family heirloom - I am going to take mine apart after this season - if you want yours to last for years, intact, you may have to  I hear they have machines for that now but doodle it!  I have a glue gun and I'm not ashamed to use it.


We are going to make use of some leftovers we might have laying around.

In other projects we have used bandana ribbon, blue jeans and rope. You will be needing all three.

I used:

Leg portions of Honey Bunny's jeans (flair leg or boot cut)
15" bandana ribbon
3 sizes of rope - I got them at Home Depot ( the only place I found to have all sizes) I used 5' of 3/4" 15' 1/2"  10' 1/4"
and of course our trusty glue gun.

rope sizes for cowboy Christmas tree skirt


To make life easy, I worked with my tree on the base and on a table - if you can do this you will be much happier.  Second best, work on the base with it on a table. Darn tricky, work with tree on base on floor.

If your rope has been coiled for a while, stretch it out with weights for a day.


For starters we need to build a cone-like framework for the skirt.  I happen to have tons of boxes so i chose to use them and because I have my tree on the base.  You may find it easier to to make a cone from poster-board or tomato cage depending on the size you need and where you are working (table vs floor).

Cut jean legs open along one seam (if you used these jeans for the icicles this is already done).


 Loosely lay both jean portions on your frame (about where they will be) starting with the widest parts on the bottom. Give yourself an extra 2-2.5" for overhang and cut off excess.  Cuff the 2" over the front side and tack edges down with a few blots of hot glue - do not use a long bead of glue on the entire edge - we need this to be able to scrunch.

Feed rope through cuffs connecting them to each other. Use enough rope to be able to tie around the tree trunk. 

 Now tie your jeans to the tree.  I tied mine in the back.

Fuss with the seams and edges until you are happy with the way they lay then tack them in place with glue.
Since I am not concerned with the beauty of the  metal base I put a blob of glue on each corner and tack the skirt down so it has a nice cone-like shape (you may not need to do this).

Then starting in the back, rim the edge with the widest rope - use any leftover to close the back seam if it will show (tack in place with glue.  Tie a band of bandana ribbon along the top  and have fun!  Let your imagination go wild with rope. I tucked my beginning ends into the top of the skirt to give the appearance that there is more inside. 
Use glue as needed to keep the shapes you create. I used the 1/2" rope for this.

Because my tree is wide in places and has kind of a wild unstructured  look,  I wanted a bit more skirt width without more material. I used the thinner rope to continue the fun rope theme beyond the edges of the skirt to do this.

cowboy country western Christmas tree skirt

And there you have it! All done.

Next post we see a decorated tree.

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