Crafty Cowgirl- DIY Online Christmas Cards & Social Posts in 8 Easy Steps

It's official, the long hot days of summer have arrived (at least in Tucson) so, what better time than now to start thinking about Christmas?   Just the mention of it makes me think of crisp chilly evenings with the promise of snow.  Ahh, I'm cooler already (of course having the a/c on fierce helps too).

As long as its too hot to play outside why not do a little early Christmas computer work?  In this Crafty Cowgirl post we are going to put together eChristmas cards which are a fun and economical alternative to boxed cards.  With the help of some free online tools you can easily make personalized cards that can be printed, emailed or even turned into social posts.  And the best part, you can get your computerized kids to do it.

For this demo I am using Canva on a desktop.  I will list this and other useful links at the end of the post and I should mention, these are not paid links, we receive no compensation for posting them.

 First Step find some Christmas images you like.  Go through your last year's Christmas photos and find some cute family shots,cookies or even your tree. Get at least 10 so you have enough to play with.  If you want something a bit less personal there are several royality-free image sites to choose from.

I am going to use this nifty shot I took at Steam Pump Ranch to create an social post. And yes, I do carry around decorations and yes, I do get strange looks taking pictures of Christmas stuff.

Now, let's skidaddle on over to Canva. Cowboy boot western Christmas stocking with bandana ribbon picture at Steam Pump Ranch Oro Valley AZ
You will need to create an account to login. Canva has both a free and paid version.  The free is just fine for most personal uses plus they have plenty of graphics and backgrounds to jazz up your photo.

1. Once you are logged in you will see a left-hand navigation. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Get Design Inspiration"- this will open to a screen with many more design options.

2. I wanted an Instagram post - Canva already knows which is the best size to use. - Clever Canva!



 3. After clicking on your choice of projects, the fun begins. Because I was using my own picture, clicked on "Uploads" and then "Upload your own images" .  When my picture was finished uploading it appeared as a thumbnail.  I double clicked on the thumbnail and the image opened in an editable canvas.  I dragged the corners to make the image larger.

4. Now, click on "Background" and find something that compliments your image.

5. Further up the sidebar is "Elements" click on that and choose a box style you like.  It will show up on your image.  
But it's blocking half my picture! Oh my! That will never do - so we'll fix it in step 6.



6.  Up in the right hand corner is the transparency button.  Click on that until your text box is as clear as you wish. Now drag it to a location you are happy with. Only two steps to go.  

That was easy. Right?

Ok. Now we need to give it some voice.  A message.  Something to share the joy. But where or where should we get that?

Have no fear dear crafters.  

 North Pole West has hand picked an assortment of 50  really wonderful, funny and inspirational Christmas to  make your Holidays crafting easier.
 I picked one from Max Lucado,  I loved the quote and it  seemed to work with the image as well.

. Click on the "Text" sidebar option.  For this project I picked "add sub heading" because I wanted the text bolder since my Glass Antiqua font choice was a bit slender. A text box will show up (see below) - type or copy paste your message in the box and drag it into the pretty area you made for it. 

text box for Christmas card

.  Choose how you would like to share your creation.  I downloaded since I want to send it to my iphone for an Instagram post.

And that is all you need to do.  Good job! It's iced eggnog time.

Useful Links

Canva - Amazingly simple graphic design

Pixlr - Free online easy to use image editor.

North Pole West Christmas Quotes

How to email a picture to an iphone

I love editing on the desktop. Why settle for a tiny screen and skimpy apps when you can have the editing world at your fingertips? The problem is it can be a hassle to get your beautifully edited images onto the iphone.  Here's one simple way.  Compose an email, attach your image and email it to your phone number using your cell phones mms address. When you get the message open it and save the image to your photo library.  Now you can send it out when ever you like or post on Instagram.  
Example - if your carrier is AT&T and your phone number is 111-222-3333 send email to:
Here are addys for the major carriers:


Sprint -

T-Mobile -

Verizon Wireless -

AT&T -


  • And just in case you were wondering how hot is is in Tucson.  Here is this week's forecast.
    The good news is, Monsoon is on the way.  If you've never seen one or it's sibling the Haboob check out the KOLD website or their Facebook page after July 4th when the storms start to really flair up.







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