Size Matters - Cowboy Boot Stocking & Ornament Sizes

Cowgirl with yardstick measures cowboy Christmas decorations for North Pole West This year we are seeing the introduction of a wonderful selection of larger sized western ornaments thankfully filling a hole in cowboy Christmas tree decorating

It used to be that in order to get a bold western look on a tree or wreath, you either had to really pile on the rope which could make a tree heavy to the point of sagging or pile on the bandana, which although bright and western, can overpower a wonderful ornament collection.

 If you love to have a tree filled with individual special ornaments or theme collections, such as western,  then it is important to have balance  to create interest and depth (more on this in a later blog).

 I am pleased to announce, we are now, well balanced (not totally, I just enjoyed saying that).



With the introduction of more larger sized ornaments on our website we felt there might be a bit of confusion in listing titles so I thought I'd take a brief blog post to address ornament sizes and while we're at it, take a gander at our stockings since that may be another area in which size matters.

 Cowboy boot,spurs,wagon wheel,hat & horse Christmas ornaments - North Pole West

 Normal ornament size is where the longest measurement is 3 to 4 inches (width or height) - that would be the horse & skull in star on the bottom left.  

Small or mini ornaments are 1.5"-2.75"  our listing will always note it is "small" - see the cowboy boot & two hats, lower right.

Large - anything over 4" but we will really only label it "large" if it is 5"+ such as boot, wheel and spurs on top  (the cowboy boot  is 6").

Six country western cowboy boot stockings in various colora - North Pole West

In order to illustrate the range of stocking sizes relative to each other I am showing six of our styles photographed against 15.5" tile.  Please remember two things here - stockings hang at an angle and this photo was not shot for color but size.

We strive to bring you the best selection in cowboy boot stockings we can, therefore we deal with may companies each with its own styles, so sizes vary. Some stockings have a true mate. That will be noted in the listing. 

After over 15 years in this business I can say that most people buy stockings that reflect the personality of the stocking owner rather than what matches the other stockings around it.  

Please take a moment and read the details on any stocking or ornament as the category pages do not give a good size comparison - those images adjust to fit screen size.

As Always,

Happy Trails to Christmas

Spike, Outlaw Elf



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