Horseshoe Christmas Trees and Cowgirl Mint Julep

horseshoe tree julep

Just a quick note to let everyone who has been waiting quite patiently -

Double Yippy and a big Yee Haw!! 
The horseshoe trees have arrived.
This year we have two sizes: 24" & 30" - they are hand soldered detailed tin with a warm, rustic, cowboy country finish.

So easy to dress this up to make your own unique absolutely awesome centerpiece.  


Although Christmas seems a long way off June is a busy month here. Many ornaments are great wedding favors and table decor, Cowboy Christmas (July) is almost upon us and the fun of the 2016 new inventory rolling in.  All those boxes to be unpacked and unwrapped, Ah! Just like Christmas.  I love it.

June also brings heat.  Hot! Hot! Hot! here in Tucson but the long awaited monsoon rain also makes its first appearance this month and after over 60 days without a drizzle - this too feels like Christmas.

 With the mercury in the triple digets and a festive feeling brewing up a storm I leave you with the link to our own Cowgirl Julep. Find a shade tree put your boots up and enjoy.

 cowgirl mint julep


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