Old West Christmas by the Year

1809 Kit Carson was born
1813 Davy Crockett returns home from the Creek War for Christmas
1853 The San Francisco sinks on it's way to California 240 drown
1864 Boise named state capital of Idaho
1922 Will Rogers first column appears in the New York Times
1924 Fairfield, Montana was 84 degrees at noon, midnight it was -21

1804 The first documented Rocky Mountain Christmas! Celebrated in the Dakota wilderness by the men comprising the Lewis and Clark expedition.
1806 Lieutenant Pike and his men spend the holiday in Colorado
1848 Colonel Fremont and his men mark the holiday with a mule meat feast in the La Garita Range of Southern Colorado
1858 Uncle Dick Wootten provides the first taste of booze (Taos Lightning) to the small mining camp which later would become known as Denver. 1865 Chicago's Union Stockyards open
1868 Battle of Soldier Spring. U.S. troops defeat a band of Kiowa and Commanche Indians and destroyed their village
1869 John Wesley Harden kills James Bradley after a poker game in Texas
1891 In Texas, Mexican revolutionary Catarino Garza fails in an attempt to over take Fort Ringgold
.1894 Kid Curry (Harvey Logan) goes nuts and shoots up the town of Landusky, Montana, along with it's founder, Pike Landusky 
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