Pretty Painted Cowboy Boot Ornament
Beautifully painted tin cowboy boot Christmas ornament with images of holly

Pretty Painted Cowboy Boot Ornament "Holly"

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This lovely holly jolly cowboy boot ornament will add cowboy class to your holiday decor.
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This beautifully painted tin cowboy boot with festive holly design will really stand out on your Christmas tree or wreath. The dressy style works well for both formal or cowboy country western holiday decor styles.  Wonderful combination of the delicate painting, deep colors and a touch of sparkle to round it out.  This is a pillowed tin ornament which means it is not flat but made of two pieces that give a rounder, puffier look (see picture), you can even tuck a little flower or candy cane in it for extra cute.  The back is solid color goldish, with plenty of room for name dropping.
Tin 5" x 4"

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