Native American Recipes

From the Pueblos, Plains and Pacific Northwest here is just a small taste of the flavorful culinary legacy of the West's Native people.  Add some of these to your Holiday dinner for a truly unique western celebration.


Meat Recipes

Vegetables, Breads and Sides

Desserts & Drinks


One of the very best treats is authentic Indian fry bread and green chili or mutton.

 If you happen to be in New Mexico, try the Navajo stands around Farmington just outside Shiprock for both fry & kneel down bread.

In Arizona, on the Tohono O'odham reservation is the 300 year old San Xavier Mission (pictured left). Under these ramadas the locals come and sell their fry bread and various toppings.  Each is unique and must be tasted.

If you have only time enough to do 1 thing in southern AZ, come here.

Neither the Mission or the fry bread should be missed.

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