Currently we ship directly to the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia only. 
Please note - duties and taxes, if applicable are the responsibility of the customer at time of delivery and are not added into the total cost in your shopping cart. 

All other countries will need to use a shipping service such as ....

Bongo International - we are currently working on technically incorporating this service within our shopping cart. As it is now, what you need to do is open an account with them first, this is a free membership. Then you can shop any site you like and checkout with them.

It works on the same principal as International Checkout only, you can combine your orders from multiple sites into one shipment, thus the cost of shipping is less. So if you have a lot of US shopping to do this may be the best option.  The Bongo website for US shopping is


There are other international shipping services similar to Bongo. My American Shopper is one.

As the world becomes smaller, more and more of these services are developing, so, as with anything, it may take a little research to find the option best for you. 


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