Old West Trappers & Indians Christmas

Due to its central location, just about every group of westward adventurers came through Utah, thus earning it the nickname the "Crossroads to West".  
In the 1700's it was the Spaniards and New Mexicans in search of routes to the coast - the results of their expeditions became known as the Old Spanish Trail.  In the early 1800's trappers and mountain men came mapping their own trails, then in 1840's the U.S. government sent out explorers to further map and detail the area.  Later  these routes, trails, maps and explorations would help guide the pioneers, of all kinds, westward.
All of these diverse people, by foot, horseback or wagon,  passing through one place - sometimes even stopping long enough to share a Christmas feast.


Christmas Dinner 
Shared by Trappers and Indians
Utah, 1840


Stewed Elk Meat               Boiled Deer Meat
Boiled Flour Pudding with Dried Fruit and Sour Berry Sauce
Cakes and Strong Coffee, sweetened

After dinner, pipes were smoked 
Shooting contests passed the remainder of the day

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