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Gifts and Gift Wrapping
Let's start with the basics

The Complimentary Service
In almost every order we ship out we wrap the contents in bubble wrap (if needed) and then in brown tissue paper and tie it up with string.  In case you are wondering, yes, this was inspired by the song.
I say "almost" because some things, due to size or shape just cannot be wrapped, such as wreaths.  Often, items are group wrapped together to conserve space and offer better protection in transit. The image below shows just one single rather flatish ornament for an easier visual. 
This is free and we get a lot of Thank You notes from folks who say that this simple touch is adorable. You may also request a complimentary note card as seen above. Use the "comments" box on the checkout page for special instructions. You can have this shipped as a gift to another address as well.

Enhanced Gift Wrap 

If you would like something a bit dressier we offer this wrap service which consists of: the item wrapped in bubble ( if need be) and then a layer of crisp white tissue, then wrapped with actual stiff brown paper tied up with a raffia  giving it kind of a general store look.  The cost for this is 1.50 per item. Each item wraps separately unless otherwise instructed.  The ornament wrapped below is the same as shown in the complimentary wrap. 

How to Order:
On the item's listing page you will see a box asking if this is a gift. If you are sending to multiple addresses and/or want wrap answer YES by filling in the name of the person (even if this item is going to you).  In the "View Cart" page it will ask again if item is a  "gift".  Click yes and you will be able to enter a gift message. When you get to checkout you will be prompted for address information.


Can I order enhanced wrap for only one item in my order?

Yes. You choose only the ones you want wrapped.

Can I have a different message for each?

Do the name tags get sent with every package?
No. Just with the Enhanced Wrap. 

Does the message card come in every box?
No.  Just the Enhanced. It must be requested for the Complimentary at no additional charge. Please use comment section on checkout page to request and enter your message.

Can I have 2 items wrapped together for the 1.50? 
Yes. However we can not wrap more than 2 due to shape issues. Just click on gift wrap for one and write in the comments box on checkout page which item you would like to combine.

Do orders come with invoices?
By rule, we enclose packing slips but there are no prices listed.  It will show the ship to address and what should be in the box but it will not show the sender's (your) name or address.  The only way they will know who it is from is if you tell them or you have us enclose the note card.

Please, Please, Please remember....

Large awkward shaped items, like wreaths, cannot be wrapped.

Your order is processed by a real elf person. Put "" quotation marks around words that you want on tags or card.  

Please use the comment section on the checkout page to leave detailed instructions.  
If you run out of room, feel free to email to [email protected]

Should we have questions we will try and contact you.  Watch your email box sometimes we end up in spam because of the .com,  if texting is better let us know.  Phone tag is very time consuming and results in delayed shipping so we prefer not to call. 

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