DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree - Icicles

cowboy Christmas tree with garland and icicle

In the first installment of the
  "DIY Cowboy Christmas Tree" project we made bandana garland which helps give our tree a sense of flow or motion horizontally. This week it seems the logical choice to add a bit of vertical interest as well.

Enter the beloved icicle, a Christmas tree branch tip tradition for centuries, only time we give it a cute western twist. 

As alway

s, this is a quick and easy craft which will have you back to sipping eggnogg in no time.

If you'll remember we are working with a bandana & denim theme to construct some basic western decorations for our cowboy tree. This is a rather plain ornament, no glitz or glamour but it's supposed to be that way.  We wouldn't want icicles to take attention away from the ornaments.

items to make cowboy icicles 

Things you will need:

A pair of old jeans
Craft wire
Silver beads
Small silver bells (optional).

(I am making 10 of these icicles for the project tree)

I used pair of Honey Bunny's old jeans for this project. It's ok, I asked him tomorrow and he was thrilled.

We will be using the seams that have the stitching.  I cut out a 10" section keeping the seams in tact.

Then I cut 15" of wire and fished that into the section.  
Try to keep it as straight as possible because if the wire starts to bend it will be harder to get it all the way to the end.
Push it through until you have equal amounts of tail wire on both ends.
Take one tail and insert the end back into the seam creating the hang loop.  These icicles are not very heavy so you should not need to secure this

Cut another piece of wire approx 4-5" and fish approx 2" of that into the seam section as before and wrap the remaining wire around the top so you have a more tapered tip. 
Pinch your loop so it is thin enough for your bead to pass over and then expand your loop again.

Snip the end of the wire  and squeeze with needle nose pliers if there is any wire sticking out.

Then gently twirl the icicle freehand or around a pencil to get the desired twirl effect.  Leave the remaining tail wire be and  cut another piece of wire and cap off the bottom as you did the top. 

Thread 2 or 3 beads on the tail wire (I did 1 and a mini bell) then bend the end of the wire so the beads stay on. 

That's it - Yee Haw! All done!  I love the way the lighter side of the seam gives this a slightly lacy icy look.

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