Even if you have all your cowboy ornaments and home decor items you still may need something that brings it all together. Here you will find an assortment of DIY, craft ideas and links that may help you with your decorating projects. Many of these ideas can work for western weddings and parties as well. 

A Brief background.

"Making" Christmas in the Wild West

In the early days of the wild west, when tumbleweed and stagecoaches were commonplace on Main Street, decorating for the holidays called for more than a little imagination. The average family did not have access to the same assortment and availability of holiday bobbles they were used to back East. While mail-order was a very popular and enjoyable method to get gifts and decorations, it was not very speedy. Much advance planning and budgeting was needed to have a holiday close to what they were accustomed to.. Even after the railroad opened wide the marketplace, preparing for Christmas still required, for many, quite a bit of hand-made work since not everyone in this mostly rural landscape, lived in close proximity to the lines or had the funds to purchase such luxuries. But they celebrated, making what they had on-hand into what they wanted. All of that work must have given opportunity for great fellowship and fun, giving the Holiday an aura of magical anticipation many months before December 25th. Cowgirl Tree

Some things don't change. 

Thankfully, decorating for a Western style Christmas still asks we give it our imagination. Just ask our celebrity DIY diva (right) Martha Spruceit, (the very unofficial twin sister of Martha Stewart).

So grab a bandana and the glue gun (referred to as hgg) and let's hit the DIY Trail.

This section is still being updated 

 Easy Cowboy Hat Bandana Ribbon Wreath

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