Page 5 of our cowboy dictionary starts off with a "quincy" and ends with "two whoops and a hollar" and that ain't no taradiddle.


Quincy – indoor toilet

Quirley – roll -your- own cigarette




Rag Proper - dress well

Rat Tail- appaloosa with thin mane and tail

Rat Trap – a woman's bustle.

Raving Distracted – someone who is nuts

Red Eye - whiskey

Remuda – herd of horses from which ranch hands select their mounts

Rollers or blowing rollers – the blowing sound a horse makes when it is frightened or nervous

Roosteres - drunk

Round Browns:  cow chips

Rowdy-dow – trashy, vulgar



Saddle Bum:  a drifter

Sachet Kitten: skunk

Sage Hen:  a woman

Saphead - stupid

Savvy:  knowledge or understanding

Scamper Juice – whiskey

Schruncher - someone who eats greedily

Singin' to Em':  standing night guard

Stretching  the Blanket:  telling a tall tale

Stringing a Whizzer: telling a tall tale

Swamp Seed:  rice



Table Muscle - a pot belly

Taps or Tapaderos – leather flaps that cover stirrups

Talking Iron:  a six-shooter

Taradiddles – lies, tall tales

Tear Squeezer:  a sad story

Techy as a Teased Snake:  grumpy

Texas Butter - Gravy made with flour, hot water, and fried steak grease

Texas Cakewalk:  a hanging

To Much Mustard: a braggart

Two Whoops and a Holler – close, nearby

A-D      E-H      I-L     M-P     Q-T     U-Z

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