This is the cowboy Christmas fun section. Here you will find western Christmas stories, pictures and even our Cowboy Lingo dictionary full of great cowboy words.


Frank and Jesse James wild west ChristmasHoliday Hijinx!  Merriment Mayhem in the city! 
In a dastardly attempt to obtain free ornaments Frank & Jesse James have been disguising themselves as Christmas trees.  This troublesome twosome have been sneaking into homes citywide.  After gaining entrance they sit in the in the living rooms of the unsuspecting townsfolk and wait to be decorated with cowboy ornaments. Then when the family has gone to bed, they make off with their ill-gotten booty. This plan,  as we see it, is only a slight improvement over their earlier costumed caper when they dressed up as stockings in a sorry effort to get free candy canes.  Not surprisingly that plan netted them only coal and a bad case of the grumbles.
Be warned citizens of North Pole West City, these two are still on the loose and oh those crazy James boys, what will they think of next?

Cowboy Christmas Short Stories

Major Molly - by Nora Perry. Fictional short story of childhood friendship bridging the culture gap at Christmas time out west. Taken from Harper's Magazine for Young People Dec. 1892.

Miner's Christmas Carol  - Samuel Davis 1886.  A heartwarmer of a story. Rugged men and soft Christmas.

How Santa Claus Came to Simpson's Bar
 -by Bret Harte circa 1872.  One of the all time best western Christmas stories. 

Kid Curry Christmas by Sam Travers , A lite approach to the Christmas shoot em up in Landusky Montana 1894.

The Rapture of Miss Hetty -by Mary Hallock Foote from The Century Magazine, Dec. 1991- Short fiction. Find Cowboy Christmastime romance at a dance out west. 

Extra Fun....

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