Just outside of Denver, in Glendale Colorado sits Four Mile House.  Built in 1859 it is the oldest house in the metro Denver area.  Over its long life this charming dwelling has acted as; stage stop; wayside inn and even a tavern for those weary travelers on their way to Denver via the Cherokee Trail. Should you be in the area, this site is open for public tours.



Booth Family Christmas Dinner,

Four Mile House, Denver, Colorado 1883



Stewed Oysters           Boned Turkey         Stuffed Ham

                              Mashed Potatoes               Candied Sweet Potatoes  

     Fried Celery          Turnips          Beets

                                             Gelatin with Fruit  Nuts                  Plum Pudding                                        

Baked Lemon Pudding           Fruit Cake with Candied Oranges





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