If you don’t plan on spending Christmas at Mom’s , better have a good excuse.Exerpts from a letter from Miss Mabel Hubbard Bell to Dr. Alexander Graham Bell...

Denver, Inter Ocean Hotel
Sunday, December 3rd 1876

 My Dear Alec:
 I received yours of November 23rd at Cheyenne yesterday and was delighted to hear from you and to know you are doing so well.  I am very anxious to hear how your new instrument succeeds.  You said nothing about it.  I hope the experiment between Boston and Salem was a success.  I am thankful that the specification is on it’s way at last and hope you may be able to procure patents without incurring any debts.  I have a great dread of them having an idea how they weigh down one when unable to pay them. But I am extremely sorry you think of giving up your Christmas visit home.  Your mother will be so disappointed and will not think much better of Telephony as it’s cause, or us for encouraging it…

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