Construction for the lavish La Veta was completed in 1884.  The D & RG  (Denver & Rio Grande) railroad built on to the hotel, using a portion of the first floor for ticket sales and a passenger depot.
This is one clear example of how proximity to the rail stations allows for an abundance of of available products along with people willing, and able to pay for them.

La Veta Hotel Christmas Dinner 1889

Gunnison, Colorado

Claret Wine        Riesling Wine
Blue Points        Hearts of Lettuce
Kalamazoo Celery
Oyster Consomme a la Jardiniere
Barbecued Trout                              Parisinne Potatoes
Matre d  Boiled Ham                       Brazed Elk Champignons
Blanc Rabbit a la Francisco        Duck a la Maringue

Queen Fritters            Sweet Wine
Roast Prime Rib of Beef                  Young Pig Stuffed with Apple Sauce
Povindeur of Turkey with Cranberry Sauce
Antelope with Current Jelly            Chicken Salad

Mayonaise Mashed Potatoes         Baked Sweet Potatoes       
Petits Pois               Hot Slaw Green            

Apple Pie                          Mince Pie
La Veta Ice Cream                           Assorted Cake
Christmas Plum Pudding with Hard and Brandy Sauce             Fruits
Raisins                                               Assorted Nuts                                                Muscat Grapes
Chocolate  with Whipped Cream

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