"Armadillo Al" - Wild West Christmas Ornament

"Armadillo Al" - Sale Priced Wild West Christmas Ornament

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This is one adorable ornament! He's all dressed up for the wild west Christmas cookie round-up with his bright red cowboy hat and matching cowboy boots and shiny longhorn belt buckle.  His lasso is cotton rope which adds a nice texture contrast. Rich in detail and cute, that face is downright lovable. Perfect for the cowboy, Texas or wild west Christmas theme. The detail is on all sides  but although he looks like he is able to stand on his own, it's a difficult balance, you will need tacky putty or a prop to lean him on if you want to place him in a Christmas village.
With his larger size this ornament will show very well on tree or wreath.

Resin 4.5"

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