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Western Flower Arrangement

This floral arrangement is amusing as it is adorable; the cowboy and cowgirl appear to be riding towards each other amidst a field of wild daisies.
Western theme parties open the door to imagination, even with just a handful of materials it is easy to create something special.
Old jeans are particularly good at finding new life as party decor.
This is a good example of quick and very easy blue jean DIY for a western wedding or bridal shower. Plus the use of ornaments in the arrangement are nice keepsake favors that surely will be enjoyed for years to come. A cute way to personalize the ornaments for you event would be to, with a fine tip sharpie, add the bride and groom's initials on the horses to look like a brand.

Materials for one arrangement:

Vase or mason jar to hold flowers (we used a vase)
Pair of old jeans
Something for a bow (we used mesh ribbon)
Craft wire
Sticks, dowels, or even colored pencils
Ornaments (which ever suit your party)

*Cut a portion of jeans leg so it slides as a sleeve over the vase
leaving enough at top to cuff down.
*Add a ribbon
*Add flowers
*Wire the ornaments to the dowels to give them height
*Tuck ornament sticks into flowers.

It's just that easy.

This arrangement took less than 5 minutes to create and required no special skills.
You can easily jazz it up with lace and beads.
Make it as simple or complex as fits your decor.
The ornaments we used are:
Cowboy on Bronc
Cowboy on bronc Christmas Ornamentcowgirl on bronc Christmas ornament
Cowgirl Galloping

A Bit of Wedding Folklore

Marigolds in the wedding bouquet keep true love
Recite vows on the upward strokes of the clock hands to and you will work together
Burning the mistletoe (that you have kissed beneath) on the 12th night ensures the success of the marriage.
Wedding bouquets were originally made from strong herbs to keep evil spirits away
"Tying the knot" - the expression came from the ancient Celtic custom where the newlyweds tied their hands together
in an "endless knot"(eternity knot) as a symbol of their union.
Feed the cat out of the bride or groom's left shoe a week before the wedding and it will be a happy marriage

Craft article by LB Entrekin

for North Pole West