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This blog is our light-hearted way to share Western thoughts, Christmas ideas, North Pole West news and a few recipes. It is written by the Outlaw Elf, North Pole West Blog Imagereporting from the Yee Haw Cafe in the great metropolitan wonder, North Pole West City.

Cowboy Christmas in July and Dry Rib Rub

Posted by Outlaw Elf on 7/6/2013 to Meal Recipes
Cowboy Christmas comes every year in July. It is also a great month for celebrating, barbequing and getting in the new inventory for western Christmas ornaments at North Pole West.

The End of Candy & Us & Them and Angel Breasts

Posted by Outlaw Elf on 5/20/2011 to Dessert Recipes
Is today the last day for Christmas confections????

The New North Pole West Site & Giddy-Up Garlic Soup

Posted by Outlaw Elf on 4/9/2011 to Soup Recipes
Howdy cowpokes (and pokettes) from the Yee Haw Cafe located in the vibrant heart of North Pole West City. Headlining this week at the Trail Dusty Musical Saloon are Dollie Pardonmecookies and The Zack Brownie Band.

A Jug of Wine,a Corney Dog and Thou

Posted by Outlaw Elf on 2/14/2011 to Meal Recipes
Its February 14th and that can mean only one thing in North Pole West city. Rodeo. Funny, Cowboy Christmas is in July and February 14 to us, is Yippi Yi Rodeo Day. Seems cowboys and elves operate by means of their own unique calendars (one of our many similarities).

Ground Hog Christmas and Steeler Onion Soup

Posted by Outlaw Elf on 2/5/2011 to Soup Recipes
It's 27 in North Pole West City. It's 27 at the sleighport. With the wind chill, well, I guess it feels like 27. But inside the café a dancing fire and the smell of soup with warm bread suppresses any urge to complain about the weather and instead....

Christmas Sales,News and Pie

Posted by Outlaw Elf on 11/7/2010 to Dessert Recipes
So, here I sit at the Yee Haw in my favorite chair sipping an extra large mocachocolotto, chompin' on a yippie muffin and reading the HO! HO! Daily Herald. You know, it really does pay to keep on top things in the Christmas world.

Nutcracker Sweet-The Adventures of Tequila Juan

Posted by Outlawelf on 10/24/2010 to Cookie Recipes
They were the best of times. They were the worst of times...... Not really. This is a great time of year at the Yee Haw. These are the days of lazy anticipation. The frenzy is right around the corner but the weather is so friendly to the soul that no Elf, regardless of

September and Chuckwagon Cheesecake

Posted by Administrator on 9/23/2010 to Dessert Recipes
It's a brisk September day. The lazy breeze of summer has been replaced by the laughing wind of autumn. That funny kind of wind that likes to stir up leaf piles and papers laid carefully on cafe tables.

Wild Bill's Cookies

Posted by Administrator on 9/21/2010 to Cookie Recipes
It may be early September but is major cookie excitement building as the Yee Haw gears up for another snack baking season.

Welcome to the Yee Haw Cafe

Posted by Outlawelf on 9/16/2010
Howdy there! from the Yee Haw Christmas Cafe located in beautiful downtown North Pole West City.